A little about me

The intrigue of dinosaurs has always captured the hearts of the young and old alike. To imagine the earth in its wildest glory millions of years ago and the huge beasts being her privileged inhabitants, is fascinating beyond words. That is precisely why we decided to create that era right here, in Junglehood, India’s first and only Dinosaur theme park!

Merely an hour’s drive from Pune, Junglehood is a whole realm of dinosuars, where you will be mesmerized to know things about the ancient animal that you had never known! For instance, there were hundreds of species of dinosaurs, not just a few. While some were as tall as two floors of a building, some were as small as a wild boar!

We have created India’s first and only amusement park exclusively around the theme of Dinosaurs. Aptly named Dino Park, here is an amusement park where you can take rides and play with dinosaurs. It’s a whole new world of dinos out there. Experience the thrill.